Becky led our group in the use of colored pencils. It seems all can be used. with pencils you work from dark to light, blend, blend blend! we had lunch and great fellowship.
 Next patch meeting Feb. 21. The new ALGS president, Neva Beasley will be teaching us how to make a dream catcher. Lunch will be provided. All should bring a gourd to work on. Works for the show in Clanton should be brought to meeting. All should send Be my our photos to be printed out.
Reception will be March 1 2-4 PM. We are to bring food on the 1. 
The spring ALGS meeting will be held in Clanton on March 21. Time to be determined later.
We will be exhibiting in June at the Montevallo Parnell Library. Reception June 7 probably from 2PM till 4.
Meeting sch . Feb-21
                       March 21
                       April 18
                        May 16
                         June 20
                        July 18 Christmas in July! Ornaments for ALGS show.